Gymnastics Rules Changes 2018-20

Monday, December 09, 2019

1: Replaces existing definition of a balk on all apparatus.

Rationale: Redefines the definition of a balk.

6-2-5, 6-2-6, 6-5-1, 7-2-7, 7-3-6d, 8-3-6d: Clarifies the application of the balk rule.

Rationale: Clarifies the application of the balk rule.

2-2-1b9: This rule gives clear definition to when a routine may be repeated in cases of equipment breaking or tearing.

Rationale: Clarifies when a second trial is permitted.

6-5-1e, 6-2-6c5: Specifies that a salto vault that is facilitated may be scored, but will incur a 1.0 deduction.

Rationale: Clarifies the deduction for a facilitated Salto vault.

7-2-6, 8-2-5, 9-2-5: This rule gives definition that incomplete elements receive no value part credit and are considered void elements.

Rationale: Clarifies that incomplete elements are void.

7-3-3, 8-3-3, 9-3-3: The rule gives composition a deduction of 1.0 and method for evaluating composition category.

Rationale: Clarifies and provides an objective method for evaluating composition and a complete reorganization of the rule.

7-3-4c: Specifies the deduction for a clear hip circle that does not end in 45°.

Rationale: Specifies the deduction for a clear hip circle that does not end in 45°.

7-3-7g note, 8-3-7h 2 note: This rule gives clear definition to what a student may do to check board placement.

Rationale: Clarifies that there is no deduction for checking the placement of the board.

7-5-2, 8-5-2: Specifies that pike jumps are expected to have a 90° closure and deletes the 45° closure option.

Rationale: Deletes elements in Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.

7-6-1: Clarifies that a single leg overshoot can be performed on either bar for medium difficulty.

Rationale: Clarifies that a single leg overshoot can be performed on either the low or high bar.

8-6-2, 8-6-3: Gives clarification to judges that if a student performs more than the required twist or turn then it still receives Advanced High Superior Credit.

Rationale: Clarifies that Advanced High Superiors that exceed minimum requirements also received Advanced High Superior credit.

9-3-7o: Gives further definition to mechanical issues with music.

Rationale: Added for further clarification.

Added New Elements:
7-6-9 (#9.306b), 8-6-1 (#1.303, #1.105, #1.107), 8-6-2 (#2.103, #2.11b), 8-6-3 (#3.202a, #3.202b), 8-6-5 (#5.103), 9-6-1 (#1.313, #1.106b, #1.206b, #1.409c, #1.411b), 9-6-2 (#2.205, #2.305, #2.405), 9-6-6 (#6.102)


2-1-3, 2-1-4, 5 NOTE, 5-1-7 NOTE, 6-1-2, 7-5 Figure 1, 7-6-9 (9.405c), 8-4 CHART, 8-6-2 (2.407, 2.408, 3.401), 8-6-3 (3.402), 8-6-5 (5.101), 9-2-3, 9-2-3a, 9-3-3b, 9-6-1 (1.206, 1.213, 1.411a)


1. Balks on Vault 

2. Balks on Bars and Beam 

3. Spotting 

4. Awarding Credit

5. Event Requirements on Floor

6. Composition

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